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                                 Conflict Processing & Resolution

FACT 106: "The interior of the BODY is a conflicting element, yet it seems to work effectively with its functionality... this is what an educated system is capable of; producing effective functionality instead of conflicting dis-ease..."



Conflict Processing & Resolution (CPR)

         Conflict Processing & Resolution (CPR) is a 2 hour workshop that addresses the process of a conflicted interest between two individuals or more, on an upward bound. This interactive workshop engages the audience to participate and spontaneously find solutions to conflicting issues and other key components that are beneficial in understanding and resolving a conflicted situation. The following list below provides several topics of discussion that the workshop features.

·         What is Conflict Resolution

·         What is Conflict Process Resolution (CPR)

·         What causes a Conflict

·         How do you Resolve a Conflict

·         Understanding the Root of a Conflict

·         A spontaneous reaction to Conflicts

·         The Root of Conflicts

·         Types of Conflicts

·         The Root of Solving a Conflict

·         The I.C.U.R.E versus the ICARE

The workshop is designed to help restructure the mind towards looking for a positive and great outcome rather than just solving the issue.  Therefore, each person from the audience walks away with knowing and understanding that a conflict is a part of our everyday life and he or she can find a great solution out of it. The workshop is geared towards the age of 7 and up.

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