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                                           The Bullying Process

FACT 105: "Behavior is a habit of Education... Behavior is a habit of Bullying...If you miss out on one behavior it is likely that you will pick up the habit of the next behavior..."



The Regularity Process of Bullying:

        The Regularity Process of Bullying is a series of workshops that directly targets the issues of bullying in an indirect manner; in the sense that other known successful methods are modified and fitted accordingly to help regulate such process. It provides key components towards addressing a person who has a bullying behavior and the victim on which such behavior is expressed. The workshops tackle issues such as the behavior pattern of a bullying, the formula of a bully, the actions of bullying, the strengths and weaknesses of a bully, the victim proof of support, regularity bullying activities, the dialogue between the victim and the bully, and many other key resources around the bully and the victim.

        Each workshop has a duration of 2 hours and provides and interactive component with the presenter and the audience. The six-week series is culminated as one aim towards helping the audience to understand the behavior pattern of a bully and how it can be regulated.  The regularity Process of Bullying is idea for the age of 8 and up and is designed to be impactful in helping to reduce a person’s decision to become a bullying or correct their already existing bullying behavior.

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A Diverse look at helping to regulate the process of Bullying


1.    The Behavior Pattern of Bullies- this presentation provides a precise look at the behavior pattern of all Bullies.

2.    The Act of Bullying- this presentation provides several key activities that could be used to help regulate the process of Bullying.   

3.    The Bully Proof- this presentation, modified from a bullet proof, enables the individual to gather a key understanding of what is a Bully, why does a bully react on his or her victim and how to bully proof the victim.

4.    The Dialogue of Bullying- this presentation provides an avid look at the communication dialogue between a bully and his or her victim, along with how this dialogue can become effective for both parties, which helps to regulate a win/win situation.

5.    The Bullying Effect- this presentation provides a theatrical skit of keys signs that leads towards bullying and the consequences of the process of Bullying.

6.    Education-this presentation provides a resolution that balances the behavior of a bully that is regulated with an outlet, which helps to prevent the reoccurred process of bullying.

Resources and Handouts:

1.    A survey on Bullying.

2.    A four step plan in helping to resolve the process of Bullying.

3.    A provided list of resources that deals with Bullying.

4.    Bullying snippet Videos